Great locations, perfect weather all year round.

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean region, the impressive nature, short travel distances between locations and the wonderful subtropical climate make the island perhaps the perfect setting for shooting.

With 300 sunny days a year, Mallorca gives us the luxury to shoot exterior locations in very pleasant conditions throughout all seasons. 

The airport, which is only eight kms away from the centre, is a nonstop, quick flight away from all major European countries. Accommodations are numerous, wide-ranging and thanks to tourism, the rest of the island's infrastructure is excellent. 


Our location database on the island is full of diversity. We have spots that have doubled up from urban beaches in California, ports in France to farms in Russia.


Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll be glad to present you an array of options.  Our location references cover forests, mountains, beaches, cities, boats, cathedrals, stadiums, bars, clubs, lighthouses, cliffs, fishing villages, golf courses, railways, sport centres, swimming pools, stunning villas, palaces and even castles.


With friendly local authorities, we acquire permits quickly for all productions.