Behind Every Shot: The Making of Kia’s ‘ Dear Tennis ‘ 2024 Commercial

dear tennis

At Live The Reel, we recently had the pleasure of servicing KIA’s ” Dear Tennis ” Australian Open 2024 commercial for the London-based production company, Family Creative. Directed by Chris Fowles and captured through the lens of DOP Andi Hampton.

More than just an advertisement for Kia’s new electric SUV, the EV9; it’s a celebration of the sport of tennis, narrated by the legendary Rafael Nadal. His voiceover, ” Dear Tennis, you are more than just a game, you are an enduring love, a stranger, a toughest rival. In the face of adversity, you ignite something extraordinary. You allow us to dream. Because for every serve, every rally and every point, we find the power to move forward. Thank you, tennis,” serves as a heartfelt tribute to the game and its impact on players of all levels.

As a production service producer in both Madrid and Mallorca, we ensured that every aspect of the shoot was seamless. From location scouting the various tennis venues, providing local crew & equipment, dealing with the local authorities for permits, to coordinating the car tracking shots in the city, our team fully supported the production on the ground.

Alongside the commercial, we’re excited to share behind-the-scenes photos and a video that showcase the team’s work on set. Shot on location in Madrid, Spain.

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Watch Kia’s ” Dear Tennis ” latest commercial:

Want to see some Mallorca film locations? Check out our photo references from the beautiful island:


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