We provide a professional video production service for all types of projects.


Whether you're looking for end-to-end production on a music video, a line producer to fix your commercial, or you just need a pro camera operator and editor for an event, you can hire us as you require.

Our production service covers Mallorca, Barcelona, Madrid and Havana.


Our local producers have the experience and knowledge to support your production right from pre to post.  

In our database we currently have up to 200 professional crew members with over ten years of experience in the service industry. 


From PAs, Grips, Gaffers, DOPs, Catering to Art Directors - we have any crew member you may need for your upcoming production.


RED, Alexa or Sony? Cooke or Zeiss glass? Movi-pro gimbal, a DJI Drone or a Magnum dolly?  Arri Sky Panels or an 18k?  


Any equipment your project requires, you name it, we will have it available on your production with the best deal secured. 

Should you wish to shoot in a studio environment, we have a variety of excellent spaces for you to choose from.


It's crucial to find the perfect talent to assume the specific cast roles. We run a professional casting session in order to present our clients with the best pre-selection possible.


On our books, we have a wide range of international talent that includes actors, models, dancers, extras and special talents. 


We have a casting team in place to satisfy the needs in both the casting selection process and on the shooting days.

With your project's desired cast chosen, we ensure probably some of the most flexible buy-outs in the world.


Our casting services include:

- Photo references (short-listed)

- Videocasting

- Callbacks

- Fittings  

- Casting Direction & coordination 


We provide location services in Mallorca, Barcelona Madrid and Havana, Cuba.

Our directory of locations fulfils any request you may have.  From the towering trees and skyscapers of Madrid to the beautiful ports and villages of Mallorca, to the tropical beaches and colonial architecture of Cuba. We have you covered for any possible location you are thinking of - just ask us for some references.

Did we mention that shooting in Spain or Cuba is probably one of the most enjoyable filming experiences you could have?




We service shoots for production companies & agencies who want to come and film in one of our three locations.


Creating music videos is our passion.

We have had the joy of working with top artists and labels worldwide. 


No project is too big or too small - we've produced a wide variety of web content. 


Feature films, short films, documentaries, news clips and TV programs - we produce them all.