Behind the Lens: Mallorca Commercial Production Service with Live The Reel

green screen extras

Embark on a technical tour through our recent Mallorca commercial production service rendered under the warm embrace of Palma’s sun. Tasked with facilitating Greenroom Films from the UK, our expert local team at Live The Reel provided comprehensive fixer services to orchestrate a seamless shoot for True Potential’s latest TVC.

Our technical setup was spearheaded by the formidable Alexa Mini LF camera, complemented by the Arri Signature Primes for their exceptional image quality. The Angénieux EZ-2 Lens provided us with the flexibility of a zoom lens, which, when combined with the precision of the Fisher 11 dolly and Romford slider, allowed for smooth and intricate camera movements – to create the “vertigo effect”. Brilliant DOP, Tim Fok’s inclusion of the unique Laowa Periprobe lens brought an innovative and fresh angle for the final brand shot.

To bring the True Potential commercial to life, our local crew at Live The Reel worked meticulously to utilize every facet of a luxurious private villa in Mallorca, crafting a versatile filming environment that supported multiple thematic sets within its walls and grounds.

As the Mallorca Service Company, Live The Reel was proud to work alongside the visionary team:

  • Agency: Drummond Central
  • Production Company: Greenroom Films
  • Executive Producer: Lucy Frances
  • Producer: Michael Evans
  • Director: James Lawes
  • Director of Photography: Tim Fok


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